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The Daley News - August 18, 2019

Aug. 18, 2019: Alas, here's something that a bigger hammer and more duct tape won't fix: my email carrier (Telus) is down for the fourth day in a row. I have no way of knowing who might be trying to email me. As a temporary fix, please re-send your email to this address: aldocmehl@gmail.com  When all this is resolved, we'll go back to normal (if there is such a thing). - Doris 

The Daley News - August, 2019

Love the west? Love poetry? Here's a brand new book you will want to own and give as a gift. "Vistas of the West" anthologizes poems of all traditions (free verse, rhymed, haiku, sonnet, others), each beautifully paired with breath-taking colour artwork from some of the west's best contemporary artists.  Three of my poems are included, plus pieces from Doc Mehl, BJ Smith, Pat Frolander, DW Groethe, John Wort Hannam, Cori Brewster, Neil Whitman, Della Dickie, Jan Burney and many others. It's a stunning visual masterpiece and even though the official release is in September, it has already been selected for the Frankfurt 2020 book fair in Germany. Cover is pictured below; if you squint you can see who wrote the foreword.  More information at:


The link provides information about upcoming "Vistas of the West" readings throughout Southern Alberta.

The Daley News - June, 2019

Vistas of the West is a brand new (to be released in August, 2019) anthology published by Durvile Publications that celebrates the beauty and spirit of the Rocky Mountains, western foothills, prairie landscapes and the natural inhabitants of these special places. Book launches will be held in Calgary, Edmonton, Banff and the Diamond Valley. This book is a beauty, with top notch curated artwork illustrating every poem. Foreword written by a cowboy poet you all know (me). Visit www.durvile.com for book launch details (and to order a copy).

I launch into a summer where almost every Saturday night, and most Monday nights, are booked for private events in Calgary. I will see you coming and going on the road between Black Diamond and downtown cowtown. Still room on my calendar for house concerts (I love those!) and weekday events. 

If you're looking for a Canada Day celebration with western flair, visit the Bar U Ranch just south of Longview on the historic Cowboy Trail. I won't be there (already have two jobs that day) but many top western entertainers will be at the Bar U on the Stampede Stage including Doc Mehl, Eli Barsi and Jim Reader.

Standing on guard for thee in the true north strong and free, wishing you a great summer and a record hay crop.

The Daley News - January 2019

Happy New Year and sincere thanks to all you great folks who continue to support western poetry. Your emails, notes and enthusiasm are like maple syrup poured on a waffle. I would write anyway; your support makes it all 100 times sweeter. Once Upon the West (collaboration album with Eli Barsi) made the Top Ten charts in radio cowboy programming for every quarter in 2018.  I'll soon be hitting the road for a February-March tour that takes  me, or I should say us (singer, songwriter, poet, and my husband Doc Mehl and I)  to Colorado, Texas, Utah and Oregon.  

On a personal, how-to-contact-me note, please be aware that this website and email are best. Apparently email is now as old fashioned as many other old relics of yore. Books--remember those? Dictionaries? Cars that needed a driver?  Heavens, I don't even use a GPS unless it's my own "Graphite Pencil System" (rough map sketched on the back of an envelope.) I don't twitter or instagram and I eschew facebook (none of which is to my credit...I just dislike it all). So for bookings, information or inquiries, email me at ddaley@telus.net.

I tip my hat to all the volunteers, poetry fans, booking agents, gathering/festival organizers, mercantile personnel, book sellers, cheerleaders, coffee makers, chair stackers, poster putter-uppers, committee members, angels and warriors who invest so much in the western arts. Whether I'm coming to your particular gathering or not, I appreciate all you do to promote and preserve cowboy poetry. I'm excited for what the new year has in store.



The Daley News

Websites are a lot like a pair of boots: they need to be polished, re-stitched, fixed up, re-soled and/or re-souled every now and then.  I am loping onto new ranges with a new website, a whole lot of old and new poetry, memories of great gigs from the past year, and exciting bookings in 2018. Check my calendar for details about upcoming shows in Golden, CO; Sierra Vista, AZ; Alpine, TX and Kamloops, BC.

And this exciting news to share: The new album is here!  Featuring top Canadian recording artist Eli Barsi and me, it's a collaborative poem-song-poem-song project called "Once Upon the West." Many of you have seen Eli and me in concert together; "Once Upon the West" includes some of our most requested pieces, several brand new poems and songs, plus some of our favourite collaborations.  To order, just scroll back up to the top and click on "Buy Stuff" to visit the mercantile.    

Doris Daley and Eli Barsi, introducing the new CD:


"Once Upon the West" was featured on Equestrian Legacy Radio, "The Campfire Cafe."  Click on the link below to listen to the full one-hour radio broadcast; learn more about the new album, and hear the stories behind the poems and songs:

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