Purchase Doris Daley's Poetry Books and CDs

To purchase poetry books or CD recordings, simply send an email:  ddaley@telus.net


 New for 2020: "That's a Good Answer"

 Wisdom, wit and wonderfulness on every page! Teachers, doctors, cowboys, banjo players, old friends, poets, singers and hikers, aged 6 to 86, weigh in on some of life's biggest questions (including how to bake a pie, what's your favourite book, and how do grandmas differ from moms).    $20 plus shipping.


2018 Release: "Once Upon the West" (CD)

A poetry-and-music collaboration with singer-songwriter Eli Barsi.     $20 plus shipping.                 

You can from me at ddaley@telus.net (I accept e-transfer), or from Eli (www.elibarsi.com) to use your credit card, or from "i-Tunes."


"Poems from the Million Star Resort" (book). 

 Includes all the poems from "100 Years of Thunder," as well as "Back in Seattle Again," and of course "Million Star Resort."     $20 plus shipping. 



"West Word Ho" (book). 

 A collection of poems chunked into categories such as Fun and Nonsense, Romance on the Range, Old Friends, and Grit and Grace. My great grandmother's "letter from an old pioneer" is included as an appendix.    $20 plus shipping. 



"100 Years of Thunder" (CD) - This salute to rodeo and the Calgary Stampede is a poetry-and-music collaboration with singer-songwriter Bruce Innes.     $20 plus shipping.



"Good for What Ails You" (CD). 

A live concert recording.  It's just like having a Doris Daley performance in your own living room!          $20 plus shipping.